Cragkeepers program

A couple of years ago, SAS began its Cragkeepers program. The objective of the program is to encourage and support self-organised volunteer groups in retro-scrubbing Squamish cliffs that have begun to moss over. Initially we approached Vancouver-based climbing and mountaineering clubs to work on this, but we would like to broaden this out. Board members are often asked by individuals how they can volunteer to help SAS. It is not always easy for us to provide an immediate suggestion, as events like trail days need a lot of organisation from our side. Retro-scrubbing is an activity that benefits the community and can be self-organised.

Specifically we are hoping to hear from five different self-organised groups who can each adopt one of these retro-scrub projects:

(in rising order of complexity/ scale)

  • Playground, Crumpit Woods
  • Distillery, Tantalus Lookout area
  • Ronin’s Corner Left Side, Smoke Bluffs
  • Grand Doug, Smoke Bluffs (see Kevin McLane’s new guidebook)
  • Wiretap, Olesen Creek Wall

We can help by providing free wire brushes and – if needed – a short tutorial session on technique/ safety considerations given by a local guide. We will also make sure that your efforts are acknowledged by the community at events like the Golden Scrub Brush Awards.

We suggest that a “group” be at least two people.

Contact us here.

(Of course, we are just as happy to see other mossy routes or cliffs retro-scrubbed, and in no way should the existence of a program like Cragkeepers discourage people from doing so.)



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