Chek film shoot 7th – 30th August

SAS has been asked to share the following statement:

“Starting in the second week of August, a film company will be preparing for filming on Conroy FSR at Cheakamus Canyon. The area they are applying to occupy is north of the main parking lot.  They are in the process of asking for permission to close the Conroy FSR (beyond the camp site area) to vehicle traffic from approximately August 7 – 30 so that they can establish their set and rehearse their stunts.  Please note, they are willing to work with the public, campers and hikers and they will work to ensure there will be full access to all climbing areas and campsites in the park at all times except when the camera is rolling.  They have offered a type of shuttle service to anyone who would like to reach the Outpost where the road is temporarily blocked.
Parking notes: In order to maintain the safety and security of the crew working, they have asked to park some essential vehicles: paramedics, a water truck, washrooms and portable power plant in the main parking lot.   Their crew will be parking off site.  In the event that the park experiences more traffic than usual, they would like to offer additional public parking with shuttle service off site throughout the duration of their stay.   Please see production assistants for maps and directions.
This film production would like the public to know how important it is for them to build connections to the Squamish Access Society and climbing community as well as to foster a cooperative relationship with all  visitors of Chek Canyon.  They  have implemented a Community Outreach Programme which includes hiring local climbers and campers  who will be visible and open to addressing any questions or concerns you may have.  They are happy to accommodate any special or particular needs you may have and would love to hear suggestions on how to make this experience a success for all.”


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