June 2008


    Apron Descent Poll
    The SAS is proposing another option for the lower section of the Apron Descent Trail. When exiting the forest, rather than scrambling through the boulder field, a metal rung ladder would lead to a trail which would hug the boulder field on the right while descending. Essentially the trail would run between the boulder field and the start of the Apron cliffs. In one or two more locations, short metal rung ladders would be used to navigate some drops, and the final section would be a small trail exiting onto the new Apron Connector Trail (approximately where the southern-end sign is).

    Some of the benefits as we see it are:

    » More obvious for climbers not familiar with the boulder field exit
    » Easier to navigate than the boulders (especially in the dark, when wet, or with children)
    » Avoids certain popular bouldering areas such as This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven
    » Would be faster

    The project would be contingent upon Parks support and approval.

    Let us know what you think of the idea by participating in the poll below:

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