Comic Rocks


June 2007

    Status: open; better parking.
    At the request of the SAS, the highway work contractor returned recently with heavy equipment to the access point of Comic Rocks and leveled out an appropriate parking space for vehicles. It had been left as a bit of a quagmire. Below the cleared out area, the gate at the entrance of the rough approach road remains open, but for how long is uncertain. To be sure you can get home without thumbing a ride, it's probably best to use the parking near the highway.

    Work here should be considered done. Please exercise caution in entering and exiting the highway.

January 2007

    Status: access restored; access changed.
    On Dec. 11th the SAS met with representatives of the Ministry of Transportation and the highway work contractor; in subsequent emails it was confirmed that the access ramp would be paved by late June 2007 and efforts would be made, at a minimum, to construct and grade a gravel entrance for the interim time period. As of Jan. 3, 2007, the SAS is pleased to report that access to Comic Rocks has been restored; one can enter and park in the same location as the old entrance, via a gravel pullout (coming from the South; see October/November news). The SAS would like to thank the Ministry of Transportation and the the highway contractor, Peter Kiewit & Sons for their efforts on this front. Note: The gate leading to the entrance road at the bottom of the gravel pull-out seems to be open, however we do not recommend driving in, as it may be closed at any time. Furthermore, be cautious in pulling in, and especially pulling out of the gravel area - the site is located at the convergence of two north-bound, highspeed lanes.


October/November 2006

    The new four lane stretch between Furry Creek and Comic Rocks is now partially complete. Concrete barrier dividers now prevent any southbound traffic from entering the future right-in & right-out planned entrance, or the current optimum parking spot of Britannia Forest Service Road several hundred meters to the south. Those traveling from the north wishing to climb at Comic Rocks need to drive south to Furry Creek and head back north. The best current parking, as mentioned, is at the Britannia FSR entrance (then walk north along the highway). There is a pull out now directly adjacent to the old entrance, but it is not an official parking option. The contractor states that the oncoming rains will delay paving of the new off and on ramp until spring 2007.

September 2006

    This area has now had a de facto closure affecting it for some months due to highway construction The work seems to be near completion. The original parking spot (at the entrance of the access road which led off the highway) is currently filled with gravel and the new highway base is approximately 20 feet higher than before, and bordered on the right with concrete roadside barriers. Parking is still possible several hundred meters to the south at Britannia Forest Service Road , but it is not exactly welcoming, with a bumpy entrance and pylons obstructing easy access. If you can get in, park near the yellow gate, off to the side, and walk along the highway to the old entrance site. In addition to this info, which we received from the Ministry of Transportation, we have additional information from the contractor to contact Tim Rule at 604-999-7043 for access information (call at least 24hrs before).

    In the long term, a right-in and right-out access point is indicated on construction plans. Climbers coming from the north will have to travel south to Furry Creek and turn around and head back north to this access point.